Hi, I am Niklas Grieger

Find some more information about me and my curriculum vitae down below. Feel free to have a look at some selected projects I have done in the past.

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About me

Portrait photography of Niklas Grieger

Hello, my name is Niklas Grieger and I'm a Graphic Designer.

I'm 21 years old

I'm from Hanover, Germany

I'm interested in football and running

I like a lots of movies and series

Curriculum vitae



Born in Neustadt a. Rbge

I was born on 7 January 1997 in Neustadt a. Rbge (Germany).


08/2003 – 07/2007

Primary School Mandelsloh

From August 2003 until July 2007 I visited primary school in Mandelsloh.


08/2007 – 07/2015

Grammar School Neustadt a. Rbge

After finishing primary school in 2007, I visited grammar school in Neustadt a. Rbge to do my A-levels. I learned the foreign languages English and Latin during my time at grammar school and finished it successfully in 2015.


08/2015 – 07/2017

Dr. Buhmann School Hanover

After passing my A-levels, I started my two-year vocational training at Dr. Buhmann School in Hanover to become a design assistant. In the first year, I learned the basics in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, HTML5 and CSS3. During the second year, I did more extensive tasks like developing editorial design, corporate design and creating a website with Wordpress.


19/06/2017 – 14/07/2017

Internship with Leuchtfeuer Digital Marketing

My vocational training to become a design assistant, included a four-week internship in the design industry. I did my internship at Leuchtfeuer Digital Marketing in Hanover which is an internet agency specialised in TYPO3. During my internship, I gained deep insights in web design and my first experience with TYPO3.

09/2017 – today

New College Durham

Currently I'm doing my bachelor's degree in Design at New College Durham.




An apocalyptic city


I got the task to visualize the theme 'Clash' in any way I want. Finally, I came up with two completely different approaches.

Mockup of Pseudo Magazine

Pseudo Magazine

I created the magazine's concept and designed the cover page and inside pages of the main article in this edition.

Planet digitally created with Photoshop


This project was developed in my leisure time to improve my skills in Photoshop and create some awesome space scenery.

Poster campaign for an exhibiton called Human and Elements

Elements in Human Hands

I designed a poster campaign for an exhibition about humans and elements containing three different posters.

A 3d model of an superhero called Candyman


This was a project about developing a superhero or villain based on some of my own characteristics and creating him afterwards as 3D model.

Branding of Plexum


Plexum is a franchise company working in the entertainment industry offering a maze park with different maze types and game modes.

Niklas Grieger's Brand Design


This project was about creating a personal brand to represent myself as a designer.

HDR and portrait photography


Here you find a selection of my best photography I have done in the past.

Modern Wordpress Blog web design

Nuncia Theme

I created a modern and responsive blog web design that could be used as a Wordpress theme.


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