I got the task to visualize the theme 'Clash' in any possible way I wanted to do. I just had to consider that the final results suit to the topic. So I came up with two completely different approaches.

Geometric Shapes

Flat view of Geometric Shapes

My initial idea to visualize a clash was to create a simple illustration with geometric shapes and different colours. I thought about some round shapes that are clashing with very edgy shapes like triangles and squares. The first colours that came into my mind were purple and yellow. The illustration gets an 80s retro touch because of its colours and shapes.

Nature conquers City

Detailed View

Facts about the Project

  • about 10 – 12 hours

  • around 250 layers

  • 5k resolution

Another idea was to do an apocalyptic photo manipulation of a city. To visualize the clash it was important to add a lot of touch of nature to the broken city to emphasize that contrast between nature and city. So you can basically say the nature is reconquering the city.

The realization took around 10 to 12 hours and was made with Adobe Photoshop and a Wacom Intuos Pro graphic tablet. Most of the work was about texturizing the single buildings and street as well as drawing all leaves. Finally to let it look even more apocalyptic and conquered by nature, I added raindrops to the image and placed shrubs and trees around the corners.




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