This project was developed in my leisure time to improve my skills in Photoshop and to create some awesome space scenery.

Saturn Sunrise

Facts about the Project

  • about 5 hours

  • around 80 layers

  • 4000 x 2250

This first image was developed in my leisure time in September 2015. All things were completely created within Photoshop except for some textures and clouds photographed by myself.

Unknown Vastness

Facts about the Project

  • about 8 - 10 hours

  • around 130 layers

  • 5k resolution

I started another try to create a new space scenery in November 2017. This time I tried to let the planet look more realistic. So I used multiple layers of clouds above the actual planet to create a kind of 3-dimensional atmosphere around it. I also added a second planet to the scenery. The initial idea for it was a stony planet with lava flows over the whole planet. I decided to change the colour of the lava flows to turquoise because it harmonises more with the overall image.

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