Pseudo Magazine

This project was about showing my skills and gaining experience in editorial design by designing a main article about lifestyle in a purely fictitious magazine.

About Pseudo

Facts about the Project

  • Source Sans Pro & Playfair Display

  • 22 cm x 28 cm

  • 5 column grid

Pseudo is a men's magazine that is published four times a year, so there is an edition for every season and the here presented edition is from autumn 2016. The corporate colours of Pseudo are blue and grey as shown on the cover. They convey a modern and serious feel. Furthermore, this men's magazine is aiming to appeal especially younger men.


Cover of Pseudo Magazine (Edition 03/16)

The cover is representing the corporate colours of Pseudo. Every edition's cover is structured equally. On the front cover is always portrayed a silhouette of a person who has to do something with the specific edition, e.g. there is an article about this person in that magazine's edition. The sans serif typeface on the front appeals to the young target audience and adds a modern touch to the magazine.

Inside Pages

Opening page (flat)

Opening page (printed)

Second article page (flat)

Second article page (printed)

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